wilhelm m.busch 30.2

24 07 2012

now the continued illustrations WILHELM M.BUSCH created for ZOLA’S – LES ROUGON MACQUART

© wilhelm m.busch / winkler verlag / bertelsmann verlag

wilhelm m.busch 30.1

23 07 2012

EMILE ZOLA, 1840 – 1902, wrote in the later part of the nineteenth century a set of twenty novels – LES ROUGON MACQUART. the series tells the story of two branches of a family during the second wave of the industrial revolution in france, with all the excesses of that time, violence, alcohol and prostitution. zola published LA FAUTE DE L’ABBEE MOURET ( the sin of father mouret ) as part of this series in 1875. the here shown illustrations, WILHELM M.BUSCH created, are taken from the german publication of winkler verlag, munich from 1975. BUSCH did these stunning masterpieces with a black ballpointpen. I don’t want to reduce the incredible drawings in size too much. that’s why there will be some more posts with the complete illustrations of the book.

© wilhelm m.busch / winkler verlag / bertelsmann verlag


21 07 2012

. . . a m a z i n g !


17 07 2012

I will be in INDIA the end of this month. If some of the animation interested artists have time, it would be nice to meet you. the details of the presentation event with a Q & A session are below and here

snow white BG’s 3

15 07 2012

a few more recreated backgrounds from disney’s SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS

© disney enterprises, inc

friday 13th

13 07 2012

12 7 12

12 07 2012

gripsholm castle

7 07 2012

KURT TUCHOLSKY, 1890 – 1935, wrote the multi-layered allegorical lovestory GRIPSHOLM CASTLE ( schloss gripsholm ) in 1931, predicting the rise of national socialism in germany. the ERNST ROWOHLT VERLAG published a new edition of the novel in 1964, illustrated by WILHELM M.BUSCH. different from most of his illustration work BUSCH created here caricatures, effortless written down in pen and ink.

© wilhelm m.busch / rowohlt verlag hamburg

maritime 3

3 07 2012

some more powerful marine paintings created by one of the leading marine painters – MONTAGUE DAWSON, 1895 – 1973. go – here – for the earlier posts of his work.

© montague dawson


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