5 07 2014

summer study

3 dumb dogs

3 07 2014

opening dogs
3 dumb dogsnorm
3 dumb dogs  aa

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2 07 2014

historic collection

found this in one of the ancient drawers, a collection of my cartoon/animation characters I did for advertising and tv during the seventies and early eighties.


13 03 2014

scheherazade 5065 color 2

sailing nr.14

11 03 2014

sail boracay 35

rainy day

23 02 2014

paris study rain

study 22214

22 02 2014


doodle 1.2

20 02 2014

doodle 214,

doodle 1.1

19 02 2014

DCF 1.0

fun creations 4

11 02 2014

9wooden BG 216
10tiger AA 9122
8jojo E7712
7dino 227
6landscape pan A
5midnight 409 H
4opening dogs
3foliage test26
2interior A
1indian B626

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gong xi fa cai

30 01 2014

year of the horse

I wish all my chinese friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR !


1 01 2014



23 12 2013

before the internet-era it was common to send and receive via ‘snail-mail’ christmas greeting cards. over the years I have collected some special ones, mainly handmade cards from close friends. below is a small selection – happy holidays

andreas 1987
andreas 1988
2 christmas cards by andreas deja, from 1987 and 1988

harald 1983
from harald siepermann when he was still my student in 1983

stephan 1977
from stephan boeder, at that time responsible for the graphic design in WDR, west german television, 1977

alfred j kwak 1989
from the producers of the alfred j kwak tv-series, telecable benelux, amsterdam + tokyo, 1989

calendar 1950s
one of my childhood christmas calendars from the fifties. you opened every day in december one little hidden window in the calendar and got rewarded with a simple illustration behind it

one of my favorite disney christmas cards from 1938

Disney Christmas Card (1940)
and another disney christmas card probably early forties

all disney artwork © disney enterprises, inc


21 12 2013

photokina st.b

storyboard for a planned commercial 1986 for PHOTOKINA COLOGNE. it was supposed to combine ‘monty python’-like cut out animation, traditional 2D animation and claymation. of course they chose something cheaper.

sailing nr.13

20 12 2013

sail boracay 2


18 12 2013

christmas 2013 again

sailing nr.12

17 12 2013

boracay 1

BORACAY, a tiny island – one of the 7.200 philippine islands. a little bit like paradise, turqouise bathtub-warm water, white sand, palmtrees and coconuts. delicious food and tropical drinks – I wanna go back…

after the rain

2 10 2013

after the rain-sail 32

…down the drain 2.0

29 09 2013


it is funny to read all different articles and speculations why an apparently so interesting looking project was shelved. as I wrote in my post – it was pure incompetence, believe me. I am not talking about the FRAIDY CAT that JOHN MUSKER and RON CLEMENTS restarted in 2004. I am talking about the very first version that was offered to me late in 2000 as a 3 page treatment. I started with a lot of environmental and a few character designs and after I showed the story to ANDREAS DEJA he wanted to contribute some character explorations. he loved the treatment as well.

let me explain the reasons why a project like that could fail. one major reason – because the management at that time was for some never explained reasons convinced that a good final story develops out of over and over destroyed story-versions. I remember a meeting after a screening of some major sequences of another project, where TOM SCHUMACHER, at that time sr.vice president and head of feature animation, answered a statement of a storyboard artist that it looked great and worked well, ‘then let’s do it all over again, because it only can get better’. – I don’t think so!

to be frank, I always thought that this procedure was completely stupid and had only one effect – immense costs and a lot of wasted trees. I remember on MULAN were in the end about 10 different writers involved. coming back to FRAIDY CAT – the poor writer who had come up with this stunning treatment would have never had a chance to write the final script. unfortunately he was not too well known, but more important – he was the first one and to continue you need to throw dollars after a second one. after story-discussions in a team of vice presidents in development ( I always thought they were there for decoration and to fill some luxury offices ) the story had to move to another writer and that could happen several times.

but that was not really the main reason for the systematic destruction of a good idea. that reason was obvious in another department, but nobody else apparently saw it. usually a script ends up first in the storyboard department. one storyboard artist takes care of a sequence. as far as I remember in FRAIDY CAT’S case about 6 or 7 were involved. now there is a major problem – all the top talent in storyboard is busy to fix the disasters in the running production(s). that’s why usually only ‘apprentices’ are thrown into a starting new project. I don’t want to say that there couldn’t be a major hidden talent in such a fresh team, well, usually that is not the case. that means that, what this team comes up with as an interpretation of a third generation script, is not the best of possible versions. in a presentation to the highly competent jury of vice presidents this interpretation must look like a story that needs to be fixed, – back to another writer, and the game starts all over. you can imagine, after several redo’s there is nothing left of an original and once charming story. unfortunately nobody ever had the idea to at least look what others might have done in earlier versions. FRAIDY CAT is not the only project where I saw this happen, it was the same with MY PEOPLES, RAPUNZEL ( inclusive other major problems ), WILD LIFE ( with a ton of more and very serious other problems and directors too arrogant to listen to warnings ) and SNOW QUEEN ( OMG ). the FRAIDY CAT affair ended after I left in 2003 and ron and john tried to fix it afterwards with major artistic talent like CARTER GOODRICH and PAUL FELIX. apparently it did not help because some of the ‘emperor’s new clothes’ guys thought it was not a good idea afterall. after 5 yaers and probably 50 million dollars, not to talk about thousands of pieces of art – down the drain.

usually it’s not my style to write that much, but – this had to be said

wood 9

29 09 2013

all these ‘creatures’ were supposed to be produced in real wood. the designs below are faked with some texture. it was my own project some years back, didn’t work either. ok…

animal group 708

© bilderfabrik


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