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25 03 2014


hermann vogel

16 03 2014

I would like to introduce you to a german childrenbook illustrator that is not too well known today, HERMANN VOGEL, 1854 – 1921. he grew up in saxony and studied at the art academy in dresden. VOGEL’s illustrations are in the tradition of german ROMANTICISM, and their best known artists – LUDWIG RICHTER, MORITZ VON SCHWIND and CARL SPITZWEG. ALBERT HURTER introduced these artists and their illustration style to the disney studio and they influenced very much the look of the first animated feature films.

Hermann Vogel_musaeus 01
h.vogel H+G
vogel.milde winter

© hermann vogel

jiri trnka 7

14 03 2014

below some illustrations JIRI TRNKA created in 1958 for a children book with 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS stories. the black/white ones are masterful pen+ink drawings.

1 trnka  6992
2trnka  6991
3 trnka 6993
4 trnka  6985
5 trnka  6990
6 trnka  6989
7 trnka  6988
8 trnka 6986
9 trnka 6987

© jiri trnka

ronald searle’s toulouse lautrec

13 02 2014

in 1969 RONALD SEARLE’S homage to the famous french painter TOULOUSE LAUTREC was published. I was in my first year in art school then and added this jewel to my library. it is still one of my favorite SEARLE books.

searle-lautrec 6071
searle-lautrec 6070
searle-lautrec 6069
searle-lautrec 6050
searle-lautrec 6063
searle-lautrec 06074
searle-lautrec 6062
searle-lautrec 6057
searle-lautrec 6055
searle-lautrec 6072
searle-lautrec 6051

© ronald searle

fun creations 4

11 02 2014

9wooden BG 216
10tiger AA 9122
8jojo E7712
7dino 227
6landscape pan A
5midnight 409 H
4opening dogs
3foliage test26
2interior A
1indian B626

© b i l d e r f a b r i k

ronald searle’s christmas carol

31 12 2013

for the last day of the year 2013 I want to show you some of my most favorite illustrations, RONALD SEARLE’S visual interpretation of CHARLES DICKENS’ – THE CHRISTMAS CAROL. searle illustrated this classic novel in 1960 and it was published by perpetua books, london. the way searle captures the mood of the story together with the english victorian period of time is I think unsurpassed by any other illustrator. his very special style, the way he mixes fat brushstrokes of black ink with a kind of nervous thin nib line, always fascinated me. but in these illustrations he adds a lot more, a very detailed world in the backgrounds beautifully colored in his very special watercolor style. this book is one of my treasures. have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

searle dickens 15
searle dickens 16
searle dickens 18
searle dickens 19
searle dickens 20
searle dickens 21
searle dickens 22
searle dickens 23
searle dickens 24
searle dickens 25

© ronald searle / perpetua books

wilhelm m.busch 35

2 09 2013

WILHELM M.BUSCH was before WWII and after the war in the early fifties a PRESSE-ZEICHNER, a drawing artist hired by a newspaper to cover events with drawings where no photographs were available. today you still have one job like that left, the courtroom illustrator.
the first 2 illustrations are an example for that, the next is from his time as a soldier in 1944, a pen+ink drawing. the following 2 are from 1972 and 1979.
someone asked about his technique, well – he probably did some rough outline sketch in pencil or light ballpointpen and drew right on top of that in ink. his final illustration is so loose that I can’t imagine he traced a very elaborate sketch. in some cases you can still see the sketchy lines of his rough. the classroom drawing was just ‘written’ down like that without any sketch, I am sure. I have a lot more to come form work catalogues where the reproduction quality is much better.


© wilhelm m.busch

wilhelm m.busch 34

27 08 2013

JOHANNA SPYRI, 1827 – 1901, was a swiss author of children stories. probably her best known book is HEIDI, what some of you might remember as a japanese ANIME series – HEIDI, GIRL OF THE ALPS, produced in 1974. the series was directed by ISAO TAKAHATA and – HAYAO MIYAZAKI did the scene design and the layout!
WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated in 1948 a collection of 6 stories by johanna spyri- AUF BERGESHOEHEN -, HEIDI AUF DER ALP was one of them. the illustrations are all drawn in pen and ink, but you can still see the influence of the woodcut technique, wilhelm busch concentrated on for a while during his studies.

busch spyri a
busch spyri b
busch-spyri c

© wilhelm m.busch / buchdienstverlag

two for tea

13 08 2013


DAAN JIPPES did this limited edition poster around 1981 in connection with the publication of his comic strip album TWEE VOOR THEE. daan is a master in the art of visual storytelling, he created numerous covers and stories for the dutch DISNEY comic magazine, spent some years at disney publications in L.A. and from around 1989 at disney animated feature film. we worked together for many years, at disney and amblimation. he is an incredible artists, can draw like ‘hell’ and is a good friend.

© daan jippes


12 08 2013

Minolta DSC

one of the rare SULLIVANT illustrations in color. from the nancy beiman collection, thank you nancy

© t.s.sullivant

roger broders

27 06 2013

he was the master of french travel posters, promoting early tourist destinations especially the beaches at the côte d’azur and the skiiing resorts in the french alps. ROGER BRODERS, 1883 – 1953, was a french illustrator who created a very distinctive graphic style in his work – overall about 100 posters – with simple lines and bold, flat areas of color. influenced by the CUBISTS, KANDINSKY, SEVERINI and DELAUNAY he designed masterful settings in his always evocative compositions. his motives ranged from the regions of alsace lorraine, vichy + jura down the rhone river into bourgogne and the french alps ( some of his most famous tourism posters were mountain and ski scenes in and around chamonix and mont blanc ), leading to the south of france, the colorful locations of marseilles, hyeres, sainte maxim, grasse, antibes, villefranche, monte carlo and menton. even today his work is still popular and lithographs of his posters are being sold.
ROGER BRODERS fully dedicated himself to poster art from 1920 to 1932 – interesting is the development of similar background-styles in animation around the same time, especially in the silly symphonies after the introduction of color in disney films in 1932. and – look at MARY BLAIR’S designs, she was a big fan of swiss graphic design and knew for sure BRODERS art as well. it’s a small world…

broders 1
broders 2
broders 3

© roger broders

georges barbier

17 06 2013

style header
georges barbier born 1882

in the year 1911 GEORGES BARBIER (1892-1932), at the age of 29, had his first exhibition in paris and became subsequently for the next 20 years one of the most successful artists of the 20th century, with commissions to design theatre and ballet costumes, to illustrate books and to create haute couture fashion illustrations.
barbier was influenced by AUBREY BEARDSLEY (1872-1898) and LEON BAKST (1866-1924), as well as ERTE (1892-1990). from the early twenties on ERTE and BARBIER both designed for the FOLIES BERGERE in paris, and were asked in 1924 to work for hollywood movies. while erte went to hollywood to costume a number of movies, including some segments of BEN HUR, barbier stayed in paris and sent his designs for a movie project to new york. he had been hired by silent movie star RUDOLPH VALENTINO and his designer-wife NATACHA RAMBOVA, to work on their film MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE.
one of the great fashion magazines GAZETTE DU BON TON had barbier’s illustrations from 1912-1925, when it was bought out by VOGUE, where barbier continued with his work. the last stage show he worked on was PARIS SHAKES at the casino de paris with legendary JOSEPHINE BAKER. georges barbier died in 1932 at the age of 50.

barbier 1
barbier 2
barbier's influence

wilhelm m.busch 34

14 04 2013

in 1976 WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated a collection of short stories around horses in a paperback edition of the german wilhelm heyne-verlag, DAS PARADIES DER ERDE ( paradise on earth ). there are dozens of very small printed illustrations in the book, done in pen and ink, ballpoint pen and pencil.

busch horses 4
busch horses 8
busch horses 5
busch horses 6
busch horses 7
busch horses 3
busch horses 9
busch horses 10
busch horses 1
busch horses 2

© wilhelm m.busch / heyne verlag muenchen

wilhelm m.busch 33

16 02 2013

WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated in 1969 THE YEAR OF THE CATS ( das jahr der katzen ) written by ANNA-MARIE RADKE.

busch cats col
busch cats 1
busch cats 3
busch cats 2

© wilhelm m.busch / johannes asmus verlag hamburg / bertelsmann

F K Waechter

15 01 2013


‘to draw means – to spread the black in your eyes over a white surface’ is a quote the german illustrator and cartoonist FRIEDRICH KARL WAECHTER came up with. waechter was born 1937 in danzig, fled after WWII with his family to west-germany. after his studies in graphic design at the alsterdamm artschool in hamburg he moved to frankfurt where he first worked as a cartoonist for DIE ZEIT, but moved on very soon in 1962 to the new founded satirical magazine PARDON. he created the magazine’s logo, the little devil, and contributed until 1992 numerous cartoons and subversive nonsense. together with comic-writers and cartoonist-friends like ROBERT GERNHARDT, HANS TRAXLER and CLODWIG POTH he founded the NEW FRANKFURT SCHOOL. additional to his PARDON-work waechter created a number of unusual children books, like his version of THE ANTI-STRUWWELPETER, his version of THE BIBLICAL CREATION and some more anti-authoritarian fables. besides teaching, writing books and working for the theatre stage, he co-founded another german satirical magazine in 1979, TITANIC. F K WAECHTER died in 2005 after a battle with lung cancer. during my study years I grew up with PARDON and his work and he is still one of my favorite cartoonists. below a few examples of his work.

pardon 1962082

© F K Waechter / pardon

more russell patterson

11 01 2013


© russell patterson

russell patterson

30 12 2012

my first post about RUSSELL PATTERSON’S work was in december 2009 – ‘the patterson girl’, you can see it here. below is now the complete collection I got from JOE GRANT.

patterson 0
patterson 1
patterson 2
patterson 3
patterson 4

© russell patterson


28 12 2012

JUGEND was a weekly cultural magazine in germany in the late 19th century. the idea of the editor, GEORG HIRTH, was to break into a new philosophy, a new way of seeing art. and the publication soon became style-setting and launched the german ART NOUVEAU movement, JUGENDSTIL ( young style ) named after the magazine.
during my last years in the DISNEY-studio I became close to JOE GRANT, one of the longest lasting original artists of the old disney era. he had been walt disney’s close friend and advisor during the late thirties and forties, and had been the head of the visual development team and responsible for the first ideas of all feature films at that time. he started to work with a new generation of artists after a break in the late 80s. joe grant had the most amazing collection of books and magazines about art starting in the late 19th century, especially german publications like SIMPLICISSIMUS and JUGEND. every other day he brought some of these treasure books to the studio and I had a chance to look through them and xerox whatever I liked. those where the good times! below are some of these gems. after the cover of one of the JUGEND magazines I chose a series of beautiful very early HEINRICH KLEY illustrations. I am sure you will enjoy these gems…


merry christmas

25 12 2012

I want to share with you some of my favorite illustrations created by WILHELM M.BUSCH. the first two are rough sketches showing pretty well how he ‘sculpted’ his drawings. he made changes in different colors and with different tools in the same sketch, mixing ballpoint-pen with feltpen, watercolor and gouache. the images remind me of notes written down while reading a text, so light and effortless. the pen and ink drawing is a final illustration, full alive like a snapshot from a film.


© wilhelm m.busch

wolf erlbruch 4

19 12 2012


all book-illustrations and calendar sheets were created by WOLF ERLBRUCH and published by PETER HAMMER VERLAG, wuppertal, germany

© wolf erlbruch / peter hammer verlag


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