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la piccola russia

18 11 2009

LA PICCOLA RUSSIA is an animated short by italian master-painter/animator/filmaker GIANLUIGI TOCCAFONDO. you should see this film, in case you can get a hold of it somewhere, it took me a while. the 17 min film is like ‘modern art comes alive’. that’s why I had to look at it single-frame wise, because I did not want to miss one of all the incredible paintings that create the animation. it is a MASTERPIECE. you can feel the influence of the whole modern artworld of the past 60 years, and it looks like toccafondo wants to pay homage to PICASSO, HOCKNEY, RAUSCHENBERG, WARHOL, OLDENBURG and others, as well as to animation legends like JOHN HUBLEY ( tender game ), CAROLINE LEAF ( the street ), NEDELJKO DRAGIC ( diary ) and ZDENKO GASPAROVICH ( satiemania ). toccafondo uses a very interesting combination of different techniques like photography ( the single frame blow-ups of live action ), collage, painting and xerography.

TOCCAFONDO was born 1965 in san marino and got his education at the ISA of urbino, italy, the first school in italy with the freedom to study traditional animation techniques. toccafondo used his talent of graphics, animation and filmmaking first in milan in advertising. in 1989 he had his debut in the animation world with his short LA CODA. following were LA PISTA, LE CRIMINEL, PINOCCHIO and in 2003 – LA PICCOLA RUSSIA. the story is about a young boy growing up to become a murderer. ‘little russia’, the title of the film, was apparently the nickname of a part in northern italy, where the communist party had a strong support. he worked on the film for three years and started to create his own sound. the film received numerous awards worldwide.

© toccafondo


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