antoine blanchard

13 06 2014

ANTOINE BLANCHARD, 1910 – 1988, is the pseudonym that french painter MARCEL MASSON chose, to experiment with nostalgic views of paris based on photo reference that he had collected from the turn of the century, the BELLE EPOCHE period. like EDOUARD CORTES and EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE, LUIGI LOIR and JEAN BERAUD, he started to paint paris street scenes, often the same views in different seasons and weather situations. he became immensely popular and his style was faked by a lot of artists, using even his signature since the name was not copyrighted. different from CORTES expressive painting style BLANCHARD used smaller brush strokes characteristic to the great masters of the impressionist period, he used more vibrant colors and his motifs with pedestrians in period fashion are more alive than compared to his predecessors.

parisian painters compl

© antoine blanchard

eugene galien-laloue 8

9 04 2011

© eugene galien-laloue

eugene galien-laloue 7

1 07 2010

© eugene galien-laloue

eugene galien-laloue 6

15 04 2010

some more paintings from the ‘BELLE EPOQUE’, 1890 – 1900, from two of the PARISIAN PAINTERSEDOUARD-LEON CORTES and EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE.

© edouard-leon cortes / eugene galien-laloue

eugene galien-laloue 5

8 02 2010

© eugene galien-laloue

eugene galien-laloue 4

14 01 2010

© eugene galien-laloue

eugene galien-laloue 3

28 12 2009

some more ‘belle epoque’ paintings from EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE. the first one is from EDOUARD-LEON CORTES, to show you that the parisian painters apparently had their same favorite motifs. and, as you can see, even GALIEN-LALOUE himself painted a lot of the same motifs all over again through the different times of the year. another reason for that was that photography had become popular and GALIEN-LALOUE probably preferred to work in his studio from reference photos.

© eugene galien-laloue / edouard-leon cortes


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