27 12 2021

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nothing is lost!

8 09 2021

as I wrote in my earlier post, I stopped posting and the whole blog will be deleted in june 2022.
but – all the content will not be lost. a friend in germany found a solution. all posts from the very beginning are archived at the ‘wayback machine’, an index to search can be found – here!
in this final archival location, you can open every single posted image to its original size, so nothing get’s lost.

again – here is the new LINK! just click and try it out.

I hope that takes care of all the worried messages I got.
my only regret is, there is still so much stuff I would want to publish, and I can’t.
will see – maybe there is even a solution for that, without wordpress.

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27 08 2021

I will not post anything on wordpress anymore, and the complete blog will be deleted by june 2022. all those ridiculous new changes in the post creating and editing area make me sick and tired. what was a good place for publishing when I started in september 2008 has turned into the worst. but, aren’t we used to that? anyway, I wish those wordpress morons good luck for their screwed future – but without me.

hans bacher

film composition

10 02 2021

this is a bigger post, I could have spread it into smaller ones over several days. but it is just more work, wordpress doesn’t make it easy nowadays to post, it’s not fun anymore.
anyway – following you gonna see 34 comps with in total about 700 captured scenes from live action films and commercials. I selected them mostly for composition, sometimes for color or because the shot was just very interesting. in one of the next posts I am gonna explain a bit more about the main ingredients of a good composition. but for now – take your time…

disney jewels 1.7

11 01 2021

© disney enterprises, inc

disney jewels 1.6

10 01 2021

© disney enterprises, inc

disney jewels 1.5

9 01 2021

© disney enterprises, inc

interesting choices 1.6

7 01 2021

interesting choices 1.5

6 01 2021

interesting choices 1.4

5 01 2021

interesting choices 1.3

4 01 2021

interesting choices 1.2

3 01 2021

interesting choices 1.1

2 01 2021

to continue with my series about composition in film I have collected hundreds of examples from feature films, documentaries and tv-commercials. together with good composition you will find interesting color and light choices.

here first, as a reminder, the basic ingredients for good composition in film –

PLACEMENT + READABILITY golden section/rule of 3/triangle
YIN + YANG / BALANCE positive/negative…
ANGLES up + down/tilted

there is way more information in my book – VISION, COLOR AND COMPOSITION FOR FILM,
details on the right side of this blog

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1 01 2021

a tragic love story

18 08 2020

WASSILY KANDINSKY, 1866 – 1944, lived in MURNAU, a village near MUNICH in southern germany in front of the alps, from 1909 until 1914, together with GABRIELE MUENTER, 1877 – 1962. gabriele muenter had bought a house overlooking murnau in 1909, and the two of them stayed there frequently, using the countryside and murnau itself as an important source of inspiration for their paintings. kandinsky developed during these years his abstract painting style. the people in the village called the house the ‘RUSSENHAUS’ – THE HOUSE OF THE RUSSIAN.
the house should play an important role in the formation of a new group of artists, DER BLAUE REITER – THE BLUE RIDER. their members – FRANZ MARC, living in a village nearby, ALEXEJ VON JAWLENSKY, MARIANNE VON WEREFKIN, AUGUST MACKE and the composer ARNOLD SCHOENBERG, who often visited from MUNICH, were the new avant garde, the counterpart of the french FAUVISTS led by ANDRE DERRAIN and HENRY MATISSE in paris.
because of the start of the first worldwar in 1914 muenter and kandinsky first went to switzerland, kandinsky returned later in 1914 to his home and wife in moscow, gabriele muenter stayed in sweden until 1920 and lived in the murnau house from 1931 until her death in 1962. she never met kandinsky again.
a very tragic love story. but – because of the artistic exchange of the two of them in a beautiful place on earth, some of the most stunning paintings were created, masterpieces of GERMAN EXPRESSIONISM.

© wassily kandinsky

polish poster design

17 08 2020

poland is famous for it’s poster designers. one of the probably best known, for his animated films as well, is JAN LENICA. below a collection of polish posters from the past 20 years

inspiring 1.6

12 08 2020

wilhelm m.busch 45

11 08 2020

the following selection of illustrations was created by WILHELM M.BUSCH from the late 1940s to the 1980s. the change of his drawing style over that period of time should be interesting to watch…

© wilhelm m.busch

inspiring 1.5

10 08 2020

you might have recognized one or the other artist in the past INSPIRING posts. there were only some files where I had noted the name of the artist, so I decided not to add names in the image compilations at all, it’s more about the art that inspires us, not the name. but – I understand that some of you are curious about some more work a particular artist might have created. below is a list of the, in my opinion, most important comic strip-, cartoon-, caricature and character-design artists, whose work is already represented in the past posts, or will be in the upcoming ones. I am still working on a second list of most important illustrators and concept designers.

after realizing I forgot some important artists I changed the list.

inspiring 1.4

8 08 2020

The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.