studies 2

30 09 2008

some more of my color studies…


29 09 2008

because of the smaller size of the birds in this musical spring opening in disney’s BAMBI the camera shows more details of the forest. some beautifully painted blossoms, foilage in all different greens and a few branches. the color is fresh, in friendly yellow-greens, a big change after the cool blues and greys of the winter scenery before. following are a few recreated backgrounds from the bird sequence.

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28 09 2008

two more recreated pan backgrounds from disney’s BAMBI, from the spring sequence. the basic color range is here more in the fresh yellow, light olive green range. I will post more of the bird-opening part within the next days. it might be a bit less regular because I am in taipeh, taiwan for lectures until oct.12.

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paul julian 1

26 09 2008

whenever you watch a warner brothers short from the forties and fifties you can spot backgrounds painted by PAUL JULIAN immediately. they stand out because of the choice of colors and their unique style. JULIAN was a fine artist with exhibitions in art galleries. I quote from the book THE ART OF FRIZ FRELENG – …according to julian ‘backgrounds are used both to stage the character and stay behind the character’…and ‘I did a great deal of special design stuff that I kept hidden and various kinds of staging, taking liberties with perspective, and doing what I could to keep the audience’s attention directed toward the main animation with as much elaboration as I could put behind it. I tried deliberately to build the space around the characters so they were, in effect, working in a kind of tunnel…’ further …when the actual painting commenced, julian concentrated on colors, coordinating his efforts with those of the ink-and-painters…he had two six foot tables and could get the whole six minute picture laid out on the table to make sure everything went together smoothly…
the following 5 recreated pan BG’s are painted by JULIAN, they are from the 1949 WB-short BAD OL PUTTY TAT with tweety and sylvester.
later julian left WB and designed at UPA – THE TELL TALE HEART, another stylistic masterpiece.

bad ol putty tad.credits

bad ol putty tad.pan 5

bad ol putty tad.a

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25 09 2008

recently I did some stylistic designs for an animation project of a studio here in manila. one of the locations that had to be developed was a coral reef. I had never designed underwater-worlds before. and I never did snorkeling, not even here around some of the 7.000 islands. just to paint what I studied in reference photos would have been too boring, so I created different textures and other elements they give you the feel of the coral world, but they come from completely different origins. there is wallpaper, textile texture and architectural-design bits and pieces. I used a lot of my now 15.000 photoshop-brushes and created even some more.


25 09 2008

some very dramatic scenes in disney’s BAMBI happen in winter, in the snow. in the latest disney DVD release of BAMBI all these scenes are moody blueish, what is more a color you would use for romantic joyful scenes. I remember that the color range was very different in a few stills I had seen. so I checked the color in every single scene in that snow sequence using the WHITE BALANCE. that means, in case the white is right, all the other colors are right as well. and the result was very different from the colors presented to us as you can see below in the recreated BG’s. I don’t know why original colors are constantly changed by the color-correction technicians, – maybe following the order of some executives – make it more colorful!
when I was responsible for the color correction of the disney releases from 1996 until 2002 I had some funny experience with that. for example baloo in the JUNGLE BOOK was brown in the first VHS and laserdisk release a while back. that could not be right, since I had seen so many original cels where baloo was grey. following my advice the color correction specialist ( MITCH DRECKMAN as far as I remember ) found out that by tweaking the bear’s color to grey the jungle became much more vibrant. of course, before it looked dull olive with all that red mixed in. I did a lot of film corrections with mitch and it was a great experience. another ‘specialist’ was supposed to correct the color in RESCUERS. I nearly got blind when he showed me the first reel. he said he had added some more saturation, in his opinion the film needed that. I didn’t continue the job with him.
anyway – in BAMBI’S snow you see a lot of yellow what really makes the snow glow together with the complimentary indigo blues. and it adds a touch of danger, yellow is in that context not a very pleasant color. see yourself…

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nature 1

24 09 2008

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