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12 09 2008

I am sure you remember these 2 BG’s from the opening of disney’s BAMBI. they were painted in oil but on cardboard. unfortunately they are lost as well. look at the color combinations, just beautiful!
I add the color patches for you to see how little primary colors were used.

© disney enterprises, inc




8 responses

12 09 2008
Nancy Beiman

Welcome back to blogland, Hans. I’ll be sending all my Sheridan students here next week to take a look. Your timing couldn’t be better.

12 09 2008
Luc D.

Hi Hans,
Glad to hear back from you. I hope this new endeavour will be free of stress for you so we can enjoy these treasures for a long time to come. I will update my links promptly.
All the best.

13 09 2008
Marcelo Vignali

Welcome back Hans! Thanks for sharing your insight and knowledge.

13 09 2008
Armand Serrano

Great to have you back in the blogosphere, Hans! Blog world is not complete without you. Hope all is well and keep in touch.

14 09 2008
David Nethery

Wonderful to have you back at it blogging again, Hans.

We’ve missed you !

15 09 2008
Bill Matthews

Hello Hans….long time since we were at Disney together..thanks to Nancy Beiman and her blogsite, I was happy to see you are still going strong; have
missed seeing you (and many others). Keep up your magnificent creativity..
so many youngsters need that inspiration!

16 09 2008
Ernesto Melo

This morning CTN made my day:
Hans Bacher’s got a blog!

What a cool idea to post the respective
colour patches next to the nest.
Staring at each colour, I tried to relate each
patch to its own.
But, as I payed more attention, came to realize in the top illustration
there were a few orange & greenish blue brushstrokes much more
saturated than your reference.
“Too grey, Hans is exaggerating” I said.
Using Painter, I went over each one testing
with the eyedropper. Those were much greyer than yours!!!!
Grey tones hardly had any colour. (Itten would’ve smiled to my
face full of astonishment). Everything’s so grey that even with the
smallest saturated touch it’d sound more brilliant and pure than
it really seems… There were no eyedroppers in those times.

Hans, again, I’m so glad to see you “one more time” kicking
around the web. Keep in touch!

28 12 2009

how absolutely beautiful – love the texture

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