12 09 2008

as far as I remember this amazing pan from disney’s SNOW WHITE still exists in the disney archives in glendale, the ARL. but – during the 90s it got damaged in the upper right corner by water that was dripping from the ceiling in the basement below the animation building in the ‘old’ original disney studios on buena vista. it is a pretty long pan, about 1m long, painted in watercolor. I don’t know the name of the background artist, but it was a MASTER. the overall color choices, the reflective colors, interpretation of the different elements, the stones and foliage, the handling of light and shadow is superb. unfortunately I never had a chance to see the original layout for this BG, but I can imagine how well done it must have been as well. as you might see, the camera is tracking in during the diagonal pan to the right, it gets closer to the window in the center and then goes back to the bigger fieldsize when reaching the balcony.

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12 09 2008
Nancy Beiman

Hello Hans,

Yes, the original layout for this shot HAS survived. It can be viewed on the Dvd of SNOW WHITE, second disc, under “Camera”.

They recreate the pan without stopping at the B field as in the film; the move is technically perfect, but clearly the exposure sheets weren’t consulted!

13 09 2008
Nancy Beiman

Hans, the layout is also reproduced in the French book on SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. I believe it’s a bluesketch, though there are no characters (since there is no modeling on the background; it’s line only.) But it’s possible to see the very nice perspective and tilt camera moves.

Now, when will someone do a real, special, 2 disc set of PINOCCHIO, I wonder?

15 01 2012

This is soo beautiful!

1 08 2012
Somnath Pal


I do not know it is a learning or not, but I thought I might share it with you and have your suggestions on the same. I was intrigued by the red orange shadow under the arc of the balcony on the top right. Couldn’t find a light source for that ‘weird’ shadow. So I sat and tried to do a little color study. The study was a big failure, as I got trapped in the details and failed to keep it simple. However, I kind of realized that the shadow helped to fade away the prominence of the red curtain. Till I had not made the patches for the shadow, the red of the curtain was very ‘into-the-face’ and I could imagine that my eyes would have been stuck on it even when the camera panned. Please do help me understand it better.

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