la peau de chagrin

14 09 2008

LA PEAU DE CHAGRIN is a novel written by honore de balzac in 1831. it is about a man, raphael, who finds a powerful talisman that grants him any wish but shrinks with each use. the user dies when it shrinks to zero. be careful what you wish – it could kill you.

ZAGREB FILM started in the early fifties. in a later post I will go more into details of the studios history and its productions.

here, first, are some images of the studio’s LA PEAU DE CHAGRIN from 1960. script dragutin vunak and tomislav butorac, directed and designed by VLADIMIR KRISTL , animated by zlatko grgic, backgrounds by zvonimir loncaric.

raphael is in black, pauline in lily white, the devil in red. the backgrounds are very stylish, a masterpiece from the jugoslawian studio.

© zagreb film




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14 09 2008
Nancy Beiman

Interesting…I’ve never read Balzac but must do so. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a similar story about a devil-possessed wish granting bottle with a catch (it must be sold at a loss before the owner dies, or else he goes to Hell). Stevenson’s story is called THE BOTTLE IMP. It had a great ‘twist ending’. I must find out if he copied Balzac’s notes…

3 11 2008

oh wow! what treasure blog! i can stare at images and study them for hours! hope this blog continue this fantastic work over the time.
thanks for sharing.

15 09 2010

Thanks for pointing our attention to Zagreb Film studios. One of the studio artists Dušan Vukotić won an Oscar for best animated short in 1961 for Surogat (“Ersatz”), being the first foreigner to do so.
Just one small correction – Zagreb Film is croatian, not yugoslav studio. Though, at the time Croatia was part of Yugoslavia, so I understand your comment.
(Zagreb is Croatia’s capital, btw.)

4 09 2012

thank you

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