15 09 2008

again – disney’s BAMBI. every single background in this film is a masterpiece. I guess there are about 1.200. and sometimes the most impressive are the less spectacular ones, like these rocks in the middle of the meadow. look at the reflective color, the grey-violets in the middle of muted yellow-greens. the painter did not copy a reference photograph, he knew how far he could go with the color combinations. just a bit too much violet or yellow and it would have looked horrible, like a lot of the backgrounds I see today. the biggest problem in those days was the transfer to film and the result after the film was developed. in technicolor you had to paint completely different to achieve the desired colors on film. all paint-colors had to be mixed with a certain amount of grey, but too much of it would have made them look dull on film. even when we did MULAN it took a while to create the range of muted colors that were allowed, and to find out how the result on film would look like. it was a nightmare! imagine, half a century after the creation of BAMBI, with all the so called improvements in technology. and still sometimes we thought the guys back then did a better job! they had to paint in oil, consider the different color range through several layers of glass – unbelieveable!

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16 09 2008

I remember a section in Illusion of Life about this. If people who work on restoring DVDs go back to the original artwork they would have to be careful and consider that what they see on the paintings might not be what was intended to show up on screen. Colors might look wrong in the painting so they can look right on screen?
It must be scary to restore DVDs…

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