16 09 2008

this is a recreated background with the corresponding layout for one of my favorite disney shorts – MICKEY’S TRAILER, 1938. the layouts were drawn by a master, I have seen the originals in the disney archives, incredible – flawless. he did the layouts for GOOD SCOUTS too, 1938 as well. and a few more, will check in my archives. never found out his name, unfortunately the layouts for the shorts were not signed. maybe someone out there has an idea…

© disney enterprises, inc




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17 09 2008

WOW! Mickey’s Trailer is my all time favourite Mickey short – when i was about 4 I went with my Mum to one of her friend’s house – whilst she drank coffee and nattered away I was allowed to play with that house’s toys and they had one of those old handheld ‘projectors’ where you put in different cartridges and can wind your way through an old Disney cartoon – I think they ran on 4’s/6’s? Anyway – they had Mickey’s Trailer and I loved it! I only saw it again about 20 years later when Disney released Mickey Mouse in Colour Vol 1 on DVD and was so glad my memory hadn’t tricked me – it was as good as I remembered! cheers Hans – this is amazing artwork – any more from this short please!?

17 09 2008
Nancy Beiman

I’m pretty sure this is also by Ken O’Connor, Hans. The man got all the beastly layout scenes to do. And what amazing shots there are in this short!

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