16 09 2008

coming back to the opening of disney’s BAMBI, – I accidentally found the layout for one small part of the multi-layered multiplane scene. it is the moment when the trees reveal the waterfall in the background. very interesting is to see layouts for these very complicated layer combinations. and it shows that nowbody knew 100% what would be seen in the final shot. that’s why the layout, and I am sure the glass-paintingas well, shows way more than what we see on film in combination with the other levels. I have some more examples to prove that and will post them soon. it must have been so exciting for all the artists involved to finally see the result on film.

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16 09 2008

Hey Mr. Bacher!!! Heard that you had a blog again. SO glad to see you return to the blogger world! I’ll let everyone know! Thanks for all your inspiration! Keep up the great work my friend.

16 09 2008
Bill Robinson

Wow, seeing these layouts next to the final BG’s is really interesting. This waterfall is amazing!

17 09 2008
Michael Sporn

I have been in awe of that waterfall since first seeing Bambi years ago. I had actually wondered if it were live action footage (rotoscoped?) rear projected onto the scene, yet I know it’s hand painted. It’s certainly the most realistic moving waterfall and is an amazing piece of the whole. Thanks for these stunning images.

17 09 2008

Hi Hans. I`m glad that you come back with a new blog.
I am animator from Argentina, and you stuff is very important to me , because this kind of site, is the only way that I have to access to the great art of the animation masters.
Thanks to sharing.
Sorry about my english.
And if you can, please visit my blog.

17 09 2008
Torsten Schrank

Schön, dass Du wieder “online” bist! Ich freue mich bereits auf neue Beiträge!
Gruss aus Berlin, Torsten

17 09 2008
Nancy Beiman

Guten Tag, Hans,

I believe you can see the cameraman reflected in the glass at the beginning of the shot. The error makes you realize that this is, after all, a handmade film!
What horrible amounts of sweat and mathematics went into planning these complex effects and camera moves! A production manager needed to have a highly skilled sense of technique AND cinema. Now, with computer programs, you can get some of the moves in a fraction of the time. But are they better? No need to answer that…

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