castle 2

17 09 2008

the photo shows my workdesk in duesseldorf in germany sometime towards the end of 1989. I was working on disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. below you see the finished design. that was already after the london time where a small group of disney animators and story artists worked together with jill and dick purdum and don hahn on a more european version of the tale. in this design I tried to figure out the interior of the beast castle. unlike in the final film version I wanted it to fit a giant monster-beast with huge dimensions, hallways and walls 20 meters high with paintings in the same dimensions.

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6 responses

17 09 2008

This is so gorgeous… I remember seeing your designs (not knowing it was yours) back in animation school and totally falling in love with them. Good work! I feel lucky to be able to have this behind the scenes look at my favorite movies. Keep it up!

18 09 2008
Uli Meyer

Aaaaah Duesseldorf! Those were the days 🙂

18 09 2008
Chris Allison

AWESOME awesome awesome blog. I’m picking up a lot from this. Can’t wait for your color book! Please keep updating, young cartoonists are watching : )

18 09 2008

ah! good to find your blog again. Thanks for all the great work and inspiration!

18 09 2008
Tamara Romer

Dear Hans,

Thank you so much for this blog! I searched for you.
I was at Disney Land Paris this year in March.
At the Animationstudio I saw an animated yellow kitchen painting,
hanging on one of the walls.
I was bedazzled by the beauty of it.
It was made by you.
Since that day I wished for it to be able to take your classes and learn form your craftmanship. I found your latest book and was so glad.
And now it seems that with your blog we have started E-learning.

Tamara, the Netherlands

19 09 2008
eleonora duvivier

Great depiction of “The Moment”, that sparkle in time that evokes predestination, conclusion, turning point, harmony, resolution of extremes, the “here and now” of Zen Budhism, absolution.

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