18 09 2008

the captured images are from the 1962 ZAGREB FILM short BOOMERANG, directed, designed and animated by BORIS KOLAR, backgrounds ZLATKO BOUREK. similar to the story of HUBLEY’S THE HOLE this political parable is about generals, the army and a butterfly that nearly causes a nuclear war. a very typical and risky film for the studio in the sixties, surrounded by butterflies and generals. the story is a bit lame but I love the style of the characters and the backgrounds. the zagreb films were very much influenced by the UPA style and disney’s ( or better WARD KIMBALL’S ) more stylized shorts. but you can see as well a huge influence of modern european art in their designs.

© zagreb film




One response

19 09 2008
Tamara Romer

Dear Hans,

I read all your today’s additions just now. I enjoy the background information and the historical details.
We are all so blessed!
To have this opportunity of all these glimpses behind the scenes.
Everyone of them.
I am so looking forward to tomorrow.


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