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21 09 2008

it’s amazing how much you can learn analyzing these recreated masterpieces. too bad the original artwork does not exist anymore. I try to use some of the learning experience in my own designs, for the book I am doing a lot of studies in COLOR and COMPOSITION. here are a few of them…




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22 09 2008

i’m a french illustration student and it’s really funny. I think i finished to read your exellent book (DREAM WORLDS) the exact same date you started this new blog.
thank you for both of them.

22 09 2008
Drake Brodahl

These are beautiful. Fantastic to see you blogging again, Sir and thank you for putting together such a tremendous book. Looking forward to your next one! I’ll be tuning in regularly!

26 09 2008
Nancy Beiman

Hi Hans,

When is the new book due to be published? I want a copy!


from hans
that will take a bit longer! and I need to find a better
publisher, the last one is a disaster…

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