4 masters

22 09 2008

during the production of disney’s MULAN I had the once in a lifetime chance to work with incredible artists. I want to show more of their work in the future. here now is ALEX NINO, a philippino comicstrip artist who is still the biggest idol for the young generation over here. alex worked for probably over 40 years in the US comic strip scene, for marvel and most of the other big publishers. I saw his first work first when I was still in gymnasium. well, alex did tons of designs for mulan, usually one a day. every single one a jewel!
SAI PING LOK is from china, a painter very well known in the fine artist scene in the US. he translated black/white sketches done by the numerous visual development artists as well as from story into little color keys, suggested different color moods. he added the ‘chinese touch’ to our drawings, amazing color sense.
the third rough sketch is by PAUL FELIX who became production designer on LILO AND STITCH after he finished hundreds of designs for TARZAN. one of the best drawing artists I have ever met! and later paul started to paint, first on EMPEROR’S NEW GROVE, then I remember unbelieveable paintings done in painter for SNOW QUEEN, unfortunately shelved. and lately he worked on the old version of BOLT.
last but not least there is a good friend, RIC SLUITER, art director on MULAN. a dutch/canadian icehockey- player/painter. amazing talent and a lot of patience. way more than I have. we went through the good and bad times of the production together. ric art-directed and developed the watercolor style for LILO AND STITCH after our chinese adventure. the good old days…

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5 responses

23 09 2008
Uli Meyer

Breathtaking stuff!
Thanks Hans for sharing.

23 09 2008


23 09 2008

wow! great master!

23 09 2008

Fantastic artists!
Thanks Hans!:o)

24 09 2008

Beautiful, inspiring stuff. Does Mr. Felix have a blog? Or somewhere where we can see more of his stuff? Visiting the studio when Bolt was still American Dog, his paintings blew my mind.

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