24 09 2008

from 1948 until 1960 disney produced a series of nature films, the TRUE LIFE ADVENTURES. most of them were shown in the DISNEYLAND tv-series, a few were released theatrically. the reason for that was, they were filmed in 16mm format, what is not the best quality format for the big screen. when JOHN LOWRY with his digital restauration got involved in restauring all the disney classics he told me that with his process he could make 16mm films look like 35mm quality. for that reason I proposed to release some of the nature series theatrically again, – well at least a lot of the series is out on DVD now, unfortunately not restaured.
some of my favorites were THE LIVING DESERT, THE VANISHING PRAIRIE, SECRETS OF LIFE and MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP. in those days there was no national geographic tv, these were the best nature documentaries you could see. and I was always fascinated by the opening, the brush that painted the landscapes and introduced you to the geography. especially the opening of THE VANISHING PRAIRIE. I recreated a pretty long stylized pan BG with the icons the brush was painting. it looks even more stunning when you see it in its entire length ( pan direction is from the right to the left ).

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5 10 2008
Floyd Norman

I loved these openings when I was a kid. Once I arrived at Disney, I learned these wonderful animated segments were done by effects animator, Josh Meador. I think the backgrounds were painted by Art Riley.

It was an amazing process. The whole thing was photographed backwards. The backgrounds, painted on sheets of glass were actually erased frame by frame. When composited with Meador’s “animated brush” — it appeared the background was being painted as we watched. Pretty amazing stuff since this was done back in the fifties.

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