25 09 2008

recently I did some stylistic designs for an animation project of a studio here in manila. one of the locations that had to be developed was a coral reef. I had never designed underwater-worlds before. and I never did snorkeling, not even here around some of the 7.000 islands. just to paint what I studied in reference photos would have been too boring, so I created different textures and other elements they give you the feel of the coral world, but they come from completely different origins. there is wallpaper, textile texture and architectural-design bits and pieces. I used a lot of my now 15.000 photoshop-brushes and created even some more.




5 responses

25 09 2008
Nancy Beiman

15,000 brushes? Wow.

Coral reefs are absolutely wonderful…you can snorkel over them and see about as much as you would Scuba diving, so I’d give it a try if you can!

25 09 2008
Jared Shear

WOW!!…It’s great to have you back Hans. Appreciate all of that hard work that goes into bringing us these great backgrounds. Your own work is so inspiring as well. Thanks for being willing to teach, share, and inspire us all.

25 09 2008
Bill Robinson

This is a beautiful piece. How do you keep track of so many brushes?!

26 09 2008
Chan Ghee Leow

Hi. Glad to see you come back with a new blog. Your paintings are absolutely inspiring.

9 10 2008

Your work here is beautiful! The colours are refreshing and the mood created is very magical.

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