studies 2

30 09 2008

some more of my color studies…




13 responses

30 09 2008

Those are beautiful my friend!! Great stuff! Very realistic.

30 09 2008
Bill Robinson

Wow, I thought most of these were photographs when I saw them at thumbnail size. Really beautiful.

30 09 2008

Very nice photos! Did you use color filters?

from hans
they are painted in photoshop

1 10 2008
Jeremy D

Very fresh color sense. I appreciate that you are able to keep your palette very clean and not muddled up in the shadows.

1 10 2008
Nancy Beiman

Hi Hans,
I’m still using Painter…but you get such great effects in Photoshop I’m curious to get more into this program.

Lovely work as always.

2 10 2008
Jared Shear

Beautiful work Hans……these really capture some of that really nice early morning fall/winter light.

Are you using Photoshop brushes you have created to lay in the trees?

from hans
yes, all done with brushes. about 15.000 so far.

2 10 2008
Tamara Romer

So much new beautiful material, thank you Hans!

4 10 2008
Drake Brodahl

Superb examples of color and composition! Lovely stuff.

5 10 2008
Floyd Norman

We really miss you at Disney, my friend.

It’s their loss.

6 10 2008

Very nice. I think these are revealing of the approach taken by successful background artists, that being a minimalism that allows the artist to focus on forms, patterns, and mood of the color.

9 10 2008
david hong

what an amazing works!! i learn so much from you and this blog. thanks you for posting these, again!!

30 03 2012
Serge Young

Nicely done. those are some pretty amazing images.

19 03 2015

c’est magnifique!

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