2 10 2008

these two recreated backgrounds are from disney’s BAMBI, from the chase towards the end when bambi gets shot. the colors are depressing, the composition chaotic – even expressionistic, exactly like what you need for this sequence. it is a completely different look here, different from all the other parts of the film.

© disney enterprises, inc




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2 10 2008
Nancy Beiman

They do some remarkable editing in this sequence..after the opening ‘shot’ of the pheasant– which flies directly north and is killed in midair–characters are shot if they run left to right (Man is offstage right). Characters that run from screen Right to left, away from Man, survive.
Bambi is leaping from screen left to screen right here and is hit in midair.
They break this rule with Faline’s chase, where we and the camera get lost with her –the screen directions are confused til she’s cornered.
This is great storytelling and beautiful direction in addition to lovely art direction.

5 10 2008
Floyd Norman

You’re right about that, Nancy. This is brilliant stuff. Boy, those old guys were good. Seems they did damn near everything right.

Today’s film makers should take note. There’s a lot they could learn.

8 10 2008
George Cwirko-godycki

i love your book, i am glad you have a blog so i can get extras!

8 10 2008
Michael Sporn

If I’m not mistaken, the backgrounds for this sequence were painted by John Hubley.

from hans
thank you michael. I had no idea. but I am not surprised – it had to be
done by a genius!

10 10 2008
Donnachada Daly

I’m so glad to find you back blogging again Hans. I really missed your posts.

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