13 10 2008

after 2 weeks in taipei, taiwan, I am back in manila. thank you everybody at SOFA animation studios for two well spent weeks. the lectures gave me a lot of new ideas, I met very talented artists and enjoyed the time with all of you…
back to disney’s BAMBI. today I have recreated three backgrounds from the same sequence. the layout- and BG-artists had to match all the details in these backgrounds, they are all pretty close to each other. again, look at how well organized details and soft painted areas are. you get the feeling that something is missing, – the actors. it feels like a theatre stage.

© disney enterprises, inc




3 responses

14 10 2008
Tamara Romer

I’m so glad you are back Hans! Missed you and your bright colouring ideas & creations.

I looked at IMDB for all the participants creating Bambi in the old days.

Is there a way to discover who worked on which backgrounds or was it formost cooperating teamwork?

Love to hear from you. Tamara from the Netherlands

14 10 2008

I had very good time and learning a lot from your workshop. I’m looking forward to see you soon.

14 10 2008
Nancy Beiman

It’s fascinating to see that the three logs are not actually painted the same–the bark varies, particularly in shot Number 3.
But of course the charming animation covers a lot of that up, so no one seemed to mind.

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