3 11 2008

at the end of disney’s BAMBI a huge fire destroys the forest and bambi can only escape the disaster, after he gets shot, with the help of his father. the colorchange is drastic – earlier the basic colors where the colors of the forest, depending on the seasons. a lot of greens and during the winter sequence all shades of blues with blacks and white. between the fresh summer colors and the cold wintermood there is only a very short autumn sequence with reddish leaves falling. the end of the film is reserved for that dramatic color. red, with a lot of dark shapes of burning trees, and yellow sparks of fire. the race of the two deer through the burning forest is chaotic, very fast pans, zigzag moves, dramatic camera-angles, and bright sparks and flames everywhere. I always wanted to see some of these backgrounds in full length. to recreate them took a while, it is quite complicated with constantly changing background colors, wherever the fire breaks through. the whole sequence is a masterpiece in planning, it is so complex with the moving camera in different levels, the light changes and all the effects on top additional to the character animation. here are 2 of the finished pans…

© disney enterprises, inc



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6 11 2008

I love this sequence in Bambi. You can really feel the terror and heat in the forest. Thank you for posting these!

5 02 2009
Dan Levitt

My father, Ed Levitt, did the backgrounds for the fIre scenes in Bambi. He is going to be 93 in two months. It is nice that you have featured them on your site.
Dan Levitt

from hans –
incredible. can you please find out some details, like who worked with him, how they were doing the art direction, how the immense effets work was coordinated and maybe a bit about the multiplane camera technique, the glass painting. it would be very important, I don’t know anybody else. please e-mail me …
thank you

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