3 11 2008

one of my favorite ITALIAN artists is
GIANLUIGI TOCCAFONDO. following are screen captures from
his 1993 short film IL CRIMINALE (Le Criminel).
in case you are interested in a filmography and
some more information about this amazing artist
go here –
as far as I know there is unfortunately nothing
available on DVD. maybe in italy???




6 responses

4 11 2008

Wow that looks amazing!

5 11 2008

Thanks for reminding me of this, Hans. I saw ‘Crime’ once or twice and always wanted to see more.

6 11 2008
Matt Jones

Didn’t Ridley Scott commission this guy to make the animated logo for his ‘Scott Free Productions’ ?

21 11 2008
Lee Marvin Newland

Contact Oscar Grillo,, he will know about Toccafondo.

Lee Marvin Newland

3 12 2008
Steve Brown

Yeah, Toccafondo is amazing! They published a book on him in Italy. Lots of still frames from his films & some concept art. He prints frames from old movies like “M”, paints on them and re-photographs them. He also has this cool technique of dragging the original frame prints on a xerox machine to create this really interesting stretching effect in the animation.

1 06 2009
Elwood H Smith

Hi, I agree, Gianluigi Toccafondo is one of the most original animators out there these days. Of course, 3D is the big thing and some of it, like The Incredibles, is amazing, but Toccafondo is my favorite. I’ve posted a little bit about the man (he speaks very little English) on my blog. Also, you might find the amazing work of another 2D animator worth checking out–Chris Hinton-who is another of my favorites.

Best Wishes,

from hans –
thank you for the links. the first time I could see some more of toccafondo’s
animation. too bad it’s not available on DVD. hinton’s work is interesting as well.

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