4 11 2008

THREE CABALLEROS, disney – febr.1945. in this scene the camera pans down in a curve, following two pidgeons flying around the palmtree
and finally settling down on the curved wall, mirroring in the water.
the only reason I removed the birds was to show
the full BG, not because I don’t like the animation.
again, the composition of the different screen-grabs
was difficult, because of the different speeds of the
foreground and backgrounds in the distance, and -
because additionally the camera is tracking in towards
the end, I had to resize everything.
this beautiful scene would have never looked like this in the originals, 
because all the different levels had to be painted on glass, for the use 
in the multiplane-camera. foreground smaller and closer to the camera,
the distant backgrounds bigger and further away. the mirroring image 
in the water was painted on a completely extra level even further down. 
the area of the water was left open in the tree- and wall-BG.
inbetween that level and the mirrored waterpainting was a distorted 
glass-level, a glass specially produced by a german glass factory in the 
late thirties. it looked like a glass with lots of bubbles in all different
sizes. by moving this glass sideways the water-illusion was achieved. when I visited the multiplane-camera department in 1979 there was only one glass left, it was about 30 cm by 120 cm. all the others were
broken. it looked like a very delicate optical piece.
today it is way simpler with all the effects you can
get in photoshop!





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