7 11 2008

well, looking at the extremely depressing financial crisis around the globe, and – hours away from a ( at least for me ) historical weekend, I thought, maybe a bit of color wouldn’t be too bad, actually a lot of c o l o r . maybe I mentioned it before, my dream was – to become a stage designer for the theatre. for operas, musicals, ballet and serious theatre – like goethe, shakespierre, sartre and whatever. that started before I even began my studies. but – I changed my mind, for all different reasons. and over the years, finally, I became a stage designer – kind of, for the animation stage. but the dream ist still there…
that’s why, once in a while, just dreaming, I do some ‘stage’ designs. following I’m gonna post the more colorful ones.









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7 11 2008

That’s great!
I think it’s funny that you always dreamt of becoming a stage designer because at the moment I’m studying to become a stage designer ( actually more a production designer for live-action movies ) but my dream is becoming a production designer for animation!

8 11 2008
Nancy Beiman

Happy Birthday, Hans….I think I have it right?
What is the ‘historic weekend?’ you will be having?

from hans
thank you nancy. it was a nice combination, the change
in amerika and my own ‘year older, don’t mention it’-day.

8 11 2008

Speaking of Color , did you see this:

from hans
don’t want to comment on that. I supervised most of the DVD transfers from 1996 on until
I left disney in 2003. there was only one color timing artist/technician I wanted to work with,
mitch dreckman I think his name was. he listened and was willing to understand the
historic details about all these old masterpieces. for example jungle book, I told him
baloo the bear is not brown on the original cels, he is blueish grey. someone in charge
of color for the old laserdisk thought, bears are brown – sure! when we changed the color
of the bear to that grey – wow, all the other colors became fresher, the jungle looked
green, not like mudd!! or some other incredible specialist added so much saturation
in rescuers, that my glasses fell off. I refused to work with him, I think burny mathinson
took over. in case of sleeping beauty at that time our bigger problem was not the color,
it was the blurry look in some scenes. in the color negatives, we worked with, the
material had been shrinking just a bit over the years, maybe due to temperature. but
only in one of the color negative stripes. you need 3 in technicolor, they are superimposed
and the result is your original one-stripe. that old one shrinked stripe caused slightly offset
lines and a blurry effect. horrible! later when the restauration was done by lowery, their computers adjusted the different negatives to each other and the problem was solved.
as someone said, color choices are very personal. that is true.
that’s why whoever is in charge, has to constantly check whatever is left in original
artwork and check what might be left in old transfers. because in older films like snow
white or pinocchio the colors had to painted greenish, to appear right on film, due to
the technicolor process. so, it is often very hard to judge. in case you are lucky, you
find someone to do the job, who knows the old films, has a good historic knowledge,
a good sense for color, and – taste.

9 11 2008

These are gorgeous, Hans.
I just found your new blog and am so so glad you’re back.
Keep the great work up and best of luck with your composition book.

9 11 2008


It makes me feel much better to read this post from you. As a student who is relatively new in the field of fine art and animation, I often see the works of people in major studios and just feel completely overwhelmed by what I see. So often I feel as if these artists have some natural ability that is just beyond my reach and that I can never learn. That these feelings are present in even the experienced and accomplished artists is somewhat reassuring and provides a bit of motivation to keep chuggin’ along. I greatly enjoy your blog, and with BG painting and layout an area of interest to me I’m glad that there is such a beautiful source of inspiration out there.

9 11 2008
Nancy Beiman

Remember, everyone had to learn how to do this. It’s very rare to have a natural ability (I know of a couple of artists who never went to school and are doing very well for themselves.) But even so, everyone’s work develops and improves over time. Work at it, work at what you love, encourage your creativity, and your technique will improve too.
And technique without soul or heart is just a mechanical exercise.

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