25 11 2008

this mixed basket of stylistically very different designs is about ten years old, most of the projects were shelved, oh well… below them I will explain what it was. I just came back from a lecture trip to a southern province of the philippines. it was like always when I leave the metropolis a very pleasant experience, I met the nicest people and want to say hello to all the animation students and professors of ATENEO-DE-NAGA, – till soon.











‘fun’ poster for disney’s shelved FRAIDY CAT, logo design for disney’s shelved WILD LIFE, disney’s BROTHER BEAR, personal, disney’s LILO+STITCH, magda from disney’s shelved WILD LIFE, again WILD LIFE, I AM another shelved disney short, double page design of my version of the MULAN children book, disney’s mulan prod.design roughs

© disney enterprises, inc



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26 11 2008
Mark McDonnell

Incredible. SO DIVERSE! You have such a great sense of design that you can weave through different styles that seem 180 degrees from each other. Amazing and so much fun to take a look at.

All my best,


27 11 2008

I agree with you.This is so diverse and artistic!

9 01 2011
Genesis Magat

Mr. Hans Bacher, I am greatly impressed with all your work. Did you work with Richard Williams before? Would like to meet you this coming summer in the Philippines, I live in there and annually I make sure that i spend my vacation there. Salamat.

from hans –
please send me an e-mail and we can discuss that

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