28 11 2008

the biggest difference between traditional animation and most of the CG movies of today is, that at least the good 2-D films tried to show an interpretaion of reality, whereas CG tries to copy it. most of what I have seen so far is hopeless overloaded with detail, superrealistic textures, foilage even visible on trees miles away. when you have a look through this blog you will find a lot of examples from traditional animated films, where you can feel the atmosphere and don’t get a headache from detail-overkill. TYRUS WONG, the production designer of disney’s BAMBI, did not paint every single leave in the forest – he made you feel they were there. an approach like that is in my oppinion much better for the imagination of the audience. it gives us a chance to see what we like to see. anyway – maybe these days will come back at one time in the future…
below is an example where I just used a few ‘monotype’ brushes, as you can see them as well, to give you the idea of rocks in snowy mountains.






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28 11 2008

hmm i think you’ve accurately described my disappointment for many 3D animation (with very FEW exceptions). interpretation of reality is an artform, and technically difficult. it also requires that the viewer not be passive, or visually spoon fed.

1 12 2008
claudio acciari

Hi Hans, thanks for having left to me this new address of your blog. I often get inspired by the stuff made-without-forgetting the 40’s,50’s,60’s,70’s so you can imagine how precious your blog is for me. I’m totally agree with what you wrote. I remember when Lion King was out in the cinemas here in Italy some viewers complained for the fact that “it looks like it’s made by computer”, that’s what I heard. Strange enough, since movies started to be done totally in 3D, people stops complaining! I jump to the conclusion that also the audience change a lot during the last 10-20 years. Imagination has not the same role that it had in the past maybe, so a movie saturated by details (all over the place) and a fast editing can avoid the “annoying” activity to create a parallel movie in your head. Once synthesis was a sign of maturity, now it’s synonymous of poverty.

28 08 2010
Alex Dukal

Totally agree! And -from my point of view- this not only happens with animation, it happens also with other graphic arts as comics and illustration.
A great example of synthesis using different resources was the argentinean master Alberto Breccia:
Alberto Breccia Artworks

from hans –
thank you for that LINK !!!!!

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