middle east 1990

29 11 2008

the first irak war, or GULF WAR, lasted from august 2, 1990 to february 28, 1991. around the time when the war began, disney started the production of ALADDIN. believe me, it was not connected. the preproduction ( of the film ) had begun way earlier. of course everybody was worried that the conflict might mean an end for the project.
following are some of my designs of the cave sequence, the tigerhead, the collapsing underworld, lava eruptions and melting treasures. a lot of fun…








© disney enterprises, inc




2 responses

30 11 2008
Jared Shear

Beautiful! Aladdin had so many great designs, one of those movies that still stands out from the crowd for me. Thank you for sharing.

What medium were these? Acrylic??

from hans
they were all done with magic markers and AD markers. on top a little gouache for the
fine detail and effects. the overall size of the designs was very small, 20.5 x 11 cm.
richard vanderwende, the prod.designer on ALADDIN, worked way bigger and only in
gouache. I had to do the color sketches very fast, that’s why the small size and my
favorite technique at that time.

3 12 2008

Wish they had gotten closer to your designs.

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