3 12 2008

I thought I give everybody, who might be interested, a short update about my new book – COMPOSITION and COLOR. as you can see in the following images, it will be pretty boring – just some ancient stuff. way back then they painted it with real color! and actually they thought about it first before they started to use that real color. amazing what you can find out about the secrets behind composing a good image…






1. joseph wright, 1766 – a philosopher giving that lecture in which a lamp is put in place of the sun
2. delaroche 1843 – herodias
3. giovanni battista salvi, 1609 – 1685 – madonna at prayer
4. jan vermeer, 1668 – the geographer
5. jean auguste dominique ingres, 1848 – venus anadyomene




7 responses

3 12 2008
Wouter Tulp

Not so boring to me at all! I can’t wait for your book to come out…

3 12 2008
Ignacio Carlos Ochoa

This is very interesting. With only seing this lines, i can learning a lot. Thanks to sharing it.

3 12 2008

I’ve been waiting for an update on your book for a while now. Any word on when we can expect to see it in stores?

3 12 2008

I learned from Richard Schmid’s painting book that all beauty can be simplified to technical facts. Just seeing these images opens my mind to a whole new way to study. Very interesting. Thanks!

3 12 2008

In fact after thinking about it a moment and studying the images I think this post may be the most enlightening thing I have yet discovered in the world of blogging.

4 12 2008

Do you have more?

from hans
– a lot –

30 12 2008
Cedric Hohnstadt

Looks like a terrific book! Can’t wait to buy one. When will it be published?

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