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4 12 2008


there are some art-analysts who read a lot into a painting, with amazing formulas, geometric constructions and so on. I don’t want to go that far with my interpretation. in my new book I try to explain with clearly visible proof how some classic artpieces were built, try to analyse the rules and make it easier to understand them and use them. like in the following example…


interesting as well is to find out how the artist translated a story. some paintings give you a lot of information and some of it is displayed very subtle. there was no film-entertainment a few hundred years ago, so people enjoyed the stories hidden in these ‘frozen images’.





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4 12 2008
Kevin W

Boring? These posts are gold! I’ve been reading and rereading them, and doing some sketches based off of them. You’ve sold me on the book!

4 12 2008

Man, not boring at all, very interesting. Your work it’s been awesome man. Thank you so much by bringing this amazing art to us. I like to ask you something. Did you remember the “it’s a wrap” blog? Man, that blog showed us some amazing pictures too. A lot of behind the scenes. I’m currently studying animation and that was gold to me. But unfortunately, i didn’t save the pictures. I was wondering how could i get those pictures. Do you know the owner of that blog? I will really like to contact him and ask for those pictures. I hope you can help me. Once again, thanks.

5 12 2008
Nancy Beiman

HI Hans,
When is your new book to be published? I can’t wait. We once had to use a book called LEARNING TO LOOK in class. Don Graham did something similar in his book, but his writing style is so dry as to be nearly unreadable.
Yours should be more entertaining. Are you going to publish with Focal? Georgia Kennedy has moved to AVA publishing in England; I’ve sent my new proposal there. Publishing is apparently just like the movie business: I was advised to follow my editor, so I’m trying to do so…

6 12 2008
Oswald Iten

Now I’m completely convinced that this will become the book I’ve always been dreaming about!

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