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7 12 2008

only about three months ago on sept.12 I started this new blog. so far there were as of now 50.110 hits, that is incredible! I wanna thank everybody for your big interest!
as some of you might know, one year ago on dec.7 2007 the english version of my book DREAM WORLDS was published by FOCAL PRESS. so far I think it is the second printing. the japanese edition came out earlier, around the end of 2006 – the paper is nicer, the print quality better and the price three times as much. here is the cover of the english version…


now I am working on the next book about composition and color, maybe I will have it ready for publication next christmas. the cover could look like this…


thank you again – in case you want to comment on the books or the blog and send me an e-mail, please do…




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7 12 2008
Christoph Heuer

can’t wait for next years christmas

7 12 2008

“Dream Worlds” is one of the gems in my book collection! I look forward to your next work.

8 12 2008

LOVE that cover!!!

8 12 2008
Jeremy Hay

Hey Hans, I just looked through dream worlds at a friends house a couple of weeks ago – it looks amazing and informative! I can’t wait to get a copy myself, I’m sure it will help a lot for an animated internet series our small animation studio is planning!

8 12 2008

I really enjoy your blog, thank you very much for all you do with it. I’ll look for your books! cheers

8 12 2008

looking forward to your next book, sir! i reread your book, pore through the pages and learn something new all the time. and there’s still more to learn! many thanks for the lessons here on your blog as well!

9 12 2008
Seo Kim

Your book is a great inspiration! I cant wait for the next one.

9 12 2008
Augie Pagan

Hans, I picked up Dream Worlds over the summer, and I can’t tell you how much it exceeded my expectations. It almost feels like an extended, compact, companion book to The Illusion of Life. I wish it was available yeeeeeears ago, but I’ll just be thankful it’s out now. Can’t wait for the next one. Glad to see you back online with all this info again.

12 12 2008
shane pierce

I bought dream worlds – awesome work! look forward to the next one

13 12 2008

I’ve Dream Worlds as well. It’s really helpful. Will be getting this book as well.

By the way, do you know of any good books on storytelling, for comics or animation? Like the elements of storytelling. What makes a good story etc.

8 01 2009

Your book “Dreamworlds” is a recommended book for my son’s ART 125 (tone,color,composition) class in college. The instructor told him to also acquire your book “Composition & Color” but we have been searching high and low and I have just now landed on this site to find out it may not be out yet? Is there any way we can be notified? I have already purchased “Dreamworlds” for him and plan on adding “Composition & Color” to his recommended books for this class as I think he will benefit greatly. For all of you art students out there, take note, if instructors are recommending his books, that means a great deal!

8 01 2009

that’s amazing! well, I first have to write it! I mentioned in my post here a while ago that it might be published the end of the year. but I don’t even have a publisher yet. it is encouraging for me that apparently there is so much interest amongst art-students. thank you for telling me…

9 01 2009
Tamara Romer

Dear Hans,
If I were a publisher,
I would have published your new book,
first draft, last draft, in as many parts as you had like to finish it,
We’ll all be able to wait a few minutes more, as I see it,
keeps us patient, and we have to,
but then…
we’ll be running to bookstore’s, in little less then 11 months!
…I would be paying attention if I were you,
’cause it won’t take long
till you’ll here yourself say to your publisher:
“- Sold out!!!?? Allready??”

You are such an inspiration!

9 01 2009

dear tamara, you put me under pressure…

10 01 2009
Tamara Romer


Yes! Life needs animation! And humour too!

Have a gorgeous weekend.


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