dance of the flowers

15 12 2008

more from disney’s FANTASIA, recreated backgrounds from the NUTCRACKER sequence. it looks like they used colored charcoal paintings for the opening of that part, you can clearly see the cardboard texture. besides that I had a chance to buy an original sketch years ago in an auction. the charcoal artwork was done on black cardboard, then combined with extensive effects animation. as I mentioned it before – my favorite part in the film.









© disney enterprises, inc




4 responses

16 12 2008
Zoran Arizanovic

great!!!its my favorite sequence too, very beautifull
thanks for your posts they are always an inspiration

16 12 2008

These are all so gorgeous!

18 12 2008
Nancy Beiman

It certainly is a beautiful sequence, though it is not my favorite (since I am a character animator I naturally gravitate to THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE and THE DANCE OF THE HOURS)

Selby Kelly, who mixed the paint for FANTASIA and other early Disney features, told me that some of the effects were obtained at horrendous cost. To get the delicate airbrush and transparent effects they had to use a binder made out of the bile of an ox. The stench, she said, was unbelievable.
I can never watch this sequence without thinking of all those marvelously talented and un-credited women who painted the delicate milkweed pods so perfectly that you don’t see the slightest trace of them boiling as they move…

19 12 2008
Michael Sporn

It’s a beautiful sequence. I own a cel cutting of the dew fairies flying. The characters are tiny, but the rendering is unbelievable. Seeing these backgrounds separated from the actors gives an even greater respect (if that’s possible) for the design and background artists.

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