rien poortvliet

29 12 2008

a while ago I recommended MANFRED SCHATZ because of his beautiful nature paintings. today I want to show you some of the artwork of another master nature painter, dutch artist RIEN POORTVLIET, 1932 – 1995. early he worked in a major advertising agency. but on the side he published several books about nature themes. internationally he is probably best known for his book GNOMES. in case you want to see more, go to this website.





© rien poortvliet




6 responses

29 12 2008
Christoph Heuer

WOW! POORTVLIET! It was the discovery of his first book about his ancestors that actually brought me back to drawing in the late 80ies… When I later started studying in Essens art college (now Folkwang again) I was told that he was too naturalisic. I never cared for that. His books are still an inpiration for me.
He never visited an art school. Mainly because his father was not willing to pay the fees because he thought that artists were only for drinking much and hang out with naked women all the time and always stay in bed too long!

Thanks for that great post!

29 12 2008

his father was right, christoph!

29 12 2008
Christoph Heuer

HAHAHA! Sure ;-D

31 12 2008

Ah i Love his work though i more have his utterly adorable animal drawings in my mind. Especially this Book about his dogs is so great *_*

7 01 2009
Jeremy D

Beautiful, once again. The treatment of the color palette and texture remind me a little of how Andrew Wyeth would paint his Wintry landscapes, but here they seem… warmer.

17 03 2009

Well I cannot believe it here am in the Heart of Midlothian feeling I am the only one to have ever admired the beauty in Schatz and Poortvfliet’s wildlife and I find a doppleganger spirit.

I was all alone in the world until now.



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