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30 12 2008

the artwork below was created by some of my favorite artists. PER AHLIN is a swedish artist and animation director. one of his films, a mixed live action/animation film, is DUNDERKLUMPEN, sweden 1974. HEINZ EDELMANN, a german illustrator and designer, is probably best known for his production design for THE YELLOW SUBMARINE, great britain 1968. THE BOY AND THE MAGIC is a children book illustrated by the english artist GERARD HOFFNUNG, 1925 – 1959. he became famous with his HOFFNUNG’S SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, later animated by HALAS & BATCHELOR. another scandinavian master-illustrator was KAY NIELSEN, denmark 1886 – 1957. he only worked for about a year at disney until 1940. but his work influenced the look of THE NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN in FANTASIA. his many children book illustrations are masterpieces, next to EDMUND DULAC, ARTHUR RACKHAM and GUSTAF TENGGREN he is one of the greats in book illustration. another giant was JIRI TRNKA, 1912 – 1969, the czech illustrator, animator and puppet animation director. A MIDSUMMERNIGHTS DREAM and PRINCE BAJAJA are some of his most famous films. not too much is known about german illustrator DIETER LANGE. he worked for the magazine STERN and the children magazine STERNCHEN since the mid fifties. I collected probably all his illustrations and treasure that rare collection. the last artist is swedish GUSTAF TENGGREN, 1896 – 1970. he as well worked for a short time at disney, 1936 – 1940, and styled SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, PINOCCHIO and several SILLY SYMPHONIES.










© per ahlin, heinz edelmann+WDR, gerard hoffnung, kay nielsen, jiri trnka, dieter lange+STERN, gustaf tenggren




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30 12 2008
George Cwirko-godycki

thank you! thank you! thankyou! i have only heard of jiri trnka and tenngrenn, all of these artists are amazing

1 01 2009
Will Finn

Happy New Year Hans. These are greatly inspiring, especially the Tennegren art.

Looking forward to your next book!

2 01 2009
Mats Halldin

With my Swedish bias, I’m amazed to see Per Ahlin and Dunderklumpen still experience international admiration. I saw the film as a child some 30 years ago.

In case you’ve missed it, check out this Norwegian stop motion from 1975 (in Sweden known as Flåklypa Grand Prix)

Thanks for sharing
/ Mats

3 01 2009
Kellie Strøm

I’d never heard of Dieter Lange before – those drawings look great. Do you know the work of Dutch illustrator Carl Hollander?

4 01 2009
Federico Distefano

Your blog is very interesting!
Great artists here!

Happy new year and Greetings from Italy!!

5 01 2009
Matt Jones

Fab array of inspiration Hans. Did u see the article on Jiri Trinka that Michael Sporn posted on his blog? Happy New Year

21 12 2009

Dear Hans,

What a great site! Thanks for the kind things you say about my work. I really admire what you are doing! I know how hard you must have to work on this to keep it up to date.

I will put a link to your site on mine.
Best wishes


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