a duck

12 01 2009

amazing, it’s already 20 years ago! 1989 a cartoon television series started in the netherlands, later all over europe, THE STRANGE ADVENTURES OF THE DUCK ALFRED J.KWAK . it was based on a dutch theatre show by HERMAN VAN VEEN and was produced by telecable benelux. inbetween there had been a comic strip series developed by HARALD SIEPERMANN and myself. we were of course involved in the production of the animated version and the following merchandise circus. apparently the series has been broadcast in many countries and has been dubbed and subtitled in dutch, french, japanese, greek, english, italian, spanish, hebrew, arabic, hungarian, finnish, serbian, polish, german, swedish, danish, icelandic, chinese, and norwegian. our team, herman, harald and me got awarded in 1991 with the GERMAN GOLDEN CAMERA for the creation of the series. it’s all history…


© van veen, siepermann, bacher




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15 01 2009

Wow, 20 years already?! As a kid I used to listen to a record of the theatre show by Herman van Veen and of course I was thrilled when the television series were created. Never missed an episode. I still have this absolutely fantastic Alfred Jodocus Kwak comic book created by Harald Siepermann and you. The artwork is incredible and very inspiring. How many comics did you make together with Siepermann?

13 02 2009

i couldnt believe it when i read this, i loved that tv series growing up, i’m dutch myself, i used to listen to cassete tapes of the adventures too. I would love to find one of the comics you made. My favorite was the series where the went out of their way to save the whales in the northsea. absolutely beautifull series.

from hans –
be so kind and contact HARALD SIEPERMANN in hamburg. I am sure he knows
how to organize one of the comics. its easier, because I am on the other side
of the globe, in manila, philippines…

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