more snow

19 01 2009

here are the last three recreated backgrounds/scenes from disney’s PETER AND THE WOLF…




© disney enterprises, inc




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20 01 2009
jung etienne

very simple and efficient.Why don’t they work like that anymore at Disney studios ?

from hans –
some comment on simplicity – when we presented the first BG’s for MULAN to our bosses at that time, peter schneider and tom schumacher, they said ‘guys, they look pretty simple. can’t you add a bit more detail?’ – I tried to explain, that simplicity was part of the style bla bla… their answer – ‘don’t you think the audience will ask us if we are running out of money and can’t afford a bit more elaborate backgrounds?’

21 01 2009


22 01 2009
jung etienne

I’d like to add my opinion about “simplicity”(please,excuse my poor english;it’s easier in french.)
Many young people grown up with 3D pictures are fascinated by hyper realistic effects. Realistic pictures are understood by a large audience from almost every culture.(when I was 15,I prefered realism than Picasso.)
Other Artists create suggesting ,unfinished images so the audience can add its own imagination and everyone may “read ” the picture in his own way.
That sens of mood instead of showing everything;The art of keeping certain things hidden and mysterious (the forest BG’s in Bambi you restore so well)
I believe that commercial realistic images drive the audience to become more and more a lazy audience.

from hans –
you are right. and the big difference today is that less producers are willing to take a risk and follow an artistic approach to the look. too many try to please the taste of the masses. the other bigger problem is that CG just asks for textures and detail. most CG movies are so overloaded that you can’t even recognize a style. but there are some great examples, in some shorts and commercials. it will take a while, traditional animation looked pretty dull for years too.

22 01 2009
jung etienne

As for MULAN:
The artistic design on that movie fits perfectly with the idea of “zen” calm and contemplative mood.Your staff did the best choices for this story.How you manage to stand for your artistic options I ‘ll probably know by reading the Mulan artbook published in 1998.After seeing that great movie I said to myself:
Art is back again in Disney animated feature.Even if you take out the funny character Mushu,the picture would keep its strengh.
If you remove the cat and mouses from “Cinderella” there would be little left?

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