21 01 2009

a while ago I posted some childrenbook illustrations done by JIRI TRNKA, 1912 – 1969, called by some the poet with the pencil. he is probably better known as a puppet maker and puppet animation filmmaker. in 1950 he produced in his PRAGUE studio PRINCE BAJAJA, a beautiful fairy tale based on a story by BOZENA NEMCOVA. one of the animators who helped trnka to animate the numerous characters in the 81 min film was BRETISLAV POJAR, who later became himself a famous puppet animation filmmaker himself. following I am posting some screen captures of PRINCE BAJAJA. I tried to correct the colors, the video transfer is based on a completely red print. there will be more about trnka and his films in the future.



© LUTKOVI film praha + jiri trnka




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21 01 2009
Christoph Heuer

I remember seeing such pictures when I was a kid. Sadly they cannot be seen these days very often. Even the stills are pure and simply MAGIC!

from hans –
no doubt, christoph, that’s why I posted them. I miss that magic in a lot of today films. but at the same time, sorry to say that, these old films get a bit slow at some point – and I am happy to have that fast forward but t o . ..

21 01 2009
Michael Sporn

You’re right that we’ve grown impatient with the slower pace of some older films, but sometimes we miss the design and architecture of a film with our fast forward buttons. This is why I often force myself to see a film in a theater, if I can. It’s harder to fast forward, and I seem to be more patient.

If only we had the opportunity of seeing some of Trnka’s films in a theater. Unfortunately, even while he was making them it was tough for us to see them projected. And I searched to view them. The dvd’s are a treasure.

from hans –
michael, unfortunately I never saw them on a big screen. the big difference there is that you can see so much more. it usually gets lost in the video transfers, except now with HD. but you can’t get the old films in that top quality. I am working now on trnka’s MIDSUMMERNIGHTSDREAM, it’s a masterpiece!

21 01 2009

OOoo! These are gorgeous! Any chance you can find his work on DVD now?

from hans –
most of trnka’s best known films are out on DVD in japan by GENEON

22 01 2009

this are masterpiece! have you watch “strings”

26 10 2009

Wonderful shots! That was a time when filming animation was truly art work. Real art work and lots of it!

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