22 01 2009


1959 JIRI TRNKA created his ultimate masterpiece, after the shakespeare comedy – A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. the puppet animation feature film is in cinemascope and 88 min long. as you can judge yourself in the following images it is the top of his life work, he visualized the pretty complicated story and designed all the characters. the animation as well as the design of a greek inspired phantasy world is beautiful, the wide format used well. in a later post I have some more images…




© KRATKY film praha + jiri trnka




4 responses

23 01 2009
jung etienne

I saw it on tv when I was little and I found it difficult.
“Prince Bayaya” was easier to follow and is beautiful as well.
Thanks for posting interesting and beautiful things.I follow Your blog every day.

27 01 2009
Nancy Beiman

Hi Hans,

Do you know Where can I get a print of MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM?

27 01 2009

hi nancy, I don’t like utube, the quality is miserable. the quality of my tape ist much better.
will send you the images. you can get all jiri trnka’s films in japan –
GEREON NEW ANIMATION ANIMATION ( NAA ), the series is called
jiri trnka film works. very expensive

1 08 2013
Ma Ruiying

hi one1more2time3:
Could you give me some images about Jiri Trnka?? I’m really tired to find this,and you now the color always different,I try to find the video about MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM,but as you say”the quality is miserable”
thank you very much!

from hans –
be so kind and send me an e-mail to discuss further issues –
you can search for some good quality images of trnka’s work on my blog as well

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