23 01 2009

years ago richard williams gave me a collection of animated commercials from the sixties, all animated by ART BABBITT for JOHN HUBLEY. I love the animation, the character design and different styles. here are some scenes…




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23 01 2009
jung etienne

Is this Typical UPA style?

24 01 2009
scott caple

Hello Hans,
No specific comment here, just to wish you a good new year… it’s trite to say it, but yours is one the truly worthwhile blogs. You are leading us still.
Bis naher,

24 01 2009

These are awesome! Please post some more!

25 01 2009

hello sir! i was at the alex nino lecture last friday, just want to say thanks and it’s a gift to us all, having two great masters in the same room. looking forward to more blog lessons (and your next book… and your masterclass in manila…) cheers!

27 01 2009
Nancy Beiman

Hans, I have just transcribed my Art Babbitt lecture for my new book, and he mentions that JOHN AND MARSHA commercial, which is now actually on YouTube! Is it possible for me to get a high quality scan of the four images on the bottom? I can then contact someone about getting publication rights…
Just go to “Snowdrift John and Marsha” on YouTube to see the commercial…and the animation is absolutely gorgeous!

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