30 01 2009

HUGO PRATT, 1927 – 1995, is one of my favorite italian comic strip artists next to SERGIO TOPPI who will be in one of the next chapters. PRATT lived a pretty adventurous life all over europe, afrika and southern america, as you can read in his biography. a lot of his experiences and adventures went into his comic strips, CORTO MALTESE probably best known. I love his rough brush strokes and very reduced drawing style.


© hugo pratt




3 responses

2 02 2009
Steve Brown

So I guess you’ve seen the animated French feature film based on the comic strip?

from hans –
yes, I have it on DVD. it is visually a beautiful film, the art direction is
superb. character design following the originals as well. the handling of
the BG’s is very similar to what we did in MULAN. but you can’t watch the
whole thing because you fall asleep. they made the mistake to transfer
the comic strip into a film, without changing the story to make it work
as a film. it’s a pity because everything else works.

3 02 2009
Ignacio Ochoa

The watercolors of Pratt are great too.

5 02 2009
Steve Brown

Yes, I agree that it is a great film in terms of art direction, but rather poor in story structure. But you have to admit that Rasputin is a very lively performance. The film gains energy every time he is on screen. By the way, it was Prof. Yu Wei-Cheng who showed me the film when I was teaching at Tainan National University of Art, in Taiwan. He always speaks most highly about you!

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