3 02 2009

another one of my favorite shorts – LITTLE PEDRO from disney’s 1943 release SALUDOS AMIGOS. it is the story of a little mail-airplane ‘kid’ that is supposed to fly the airmail over the dangerous chilean andes mountains. the backgrounds are stunning in their reduced style, the story and animation is ‘pretty good’ too. here are only some captured scenes…


© disney enterprises, inc




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4 02 2009

the backgrounds of “the emperor’s new groove” are inspired by this cartoon.(both stories are taking place in south america )

from hans –
no, they were based on the designs of prod.designer PAUL FELIX and art director COLIN STIMPSON. the style is way more graphic than the soft handling in ‘PEDRO’, proportions are very different too and there is a big influence of maya and inca art.

5 02 2009

Man, this is awesome. It is incredible how Disney animation is so current! Nice post!

8 02 2009

This is very cute. It’s like Pixar’s Cars, except it’s Planes. Nice

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