7 02 2009

PAT OLIPHANT is a threat to the american political system…if I was in the white house, I’d lock him up and throw away the key – ART BUCHWALD said about PAT OLIPHANT, my favorite american political cartoonist. he was born in australia and came to the U.S. in 1964, where he soon became one of the most circulated political cartoonists. he is winner of the pulitzer prize and the prestigious reuben award. it is not just his sarcastic humor I like so much, it is his ability to caricature everything, from the smallest detail in the environment, to the most unimportant people standing around. and all that in his very personal aggressive style.


© pat oliphant




3 responses

7 02 2009

Nice. I also like Michael Ramirez and Ann Telnaes.

9 02 2009
Nancy Beiman

I love Pat Oliphant’s work, but do not forget the cartoonist who influenced Oliphant: Ronald Searle!
Searle’s political cartoons have appeared in LE MONDE for the past forty years, and he just keeps getting better and better. They were recently collected in book form.

Ann Telnaes is one of the great political cartoonists of her generation, and she doesn’t imitate Oliphant as so many of her contemporaries do.

13 02 2009

the detail is amzing in these works, yet he knows how to balance squigles and fine lines so well. thanks for uploading this

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