12 02 2009

I am trying to save all my very old vhs-tape-archives on DVD’s. a lot is lost already, tapes older than 20 years don’t look that good anymore. and my vhs-archives goes back to 1979. from some pretty old U.S. animated commercial-compilations of the fifties and sixties I selected some screen captures, just because I like the character design and the animation. some of it might be ART BABBIT’S…





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13 02 2009
David Nethery

I hope you can save as much as possible from the VHS tapes to DVD or some other digital format.

I suppose the original film elements of so much of this commercial work from the 50’s and 60’s is now lost forever (?) .

The man with the coffee cup in panel 3, 5, 6, and 9
is a John Hubley directed spot with animation by Rod Scribner according to Amid Amidi’s “Cartoon Modern” blog :



16 02 2009
Nancy Beiman

Hi Hans,

At least two of them were produced at Zander’s Animation Parlour, then known as Pelican Films. Preston Blair, Grim Natwick and Emery Hawkins were some of the animators working for Jack at that time.

17 02 2009

really love the gesticulation series of that last character.

thanks for sharing!

23 07 2009
Oscar Grillo

I still have VHS tapes fron 1976 and they still are in excellent condition. They we’re recorded in a JVC “piano keys” machine. The first animation I’ve recorded was Warner’s “Conrad The Sailor”.

from hans –
hi oscar, then you should transfer them as soon as possible. tapes have a one generation quality loss about every 7 years. I had some from the early 80’s without any information left, just noise.

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