16 02 2009

in case someone, who finds my posts interesting, and wants to discuss them on his/her website or blog – be so kind to include me in the discussion, ok? we can avoid some stupid running around in circles, guessing and worse.
as you can clearly see in my © remarks, it is not allowed to use any content on any other website without notifying me or the respective © owner. I just want to clarify this issue before I continue with my posting. comments from your side would be g r e a t !
especially from this site
thank you




5 responses

16 02 2009
Nancy Beiman

sounds eminently reasonable, Hans, but as you know, once something is on the Web, anyone can grab it.

from hans –
we will see

17 02 2009

hello hans-
just wanted to let you know that I copied an image of yours as sort of a trackback to your site. really sorry I didn’t get permission first, but it was all in the name of respect for your work…

here’s where I posted it:

I’ll be happy to remove it if necessary.

from hans –
hello matt, that is not what I critizised. there are several discussion/forum blogs they just post wildly whatever they can grab and let the discussion go wild. what you did and some others as well is to refer to a blog or website. nothing wrong with that, it’s like a link. I am even happy about that.

17 02 2009
David Florez

I think I also owe you an apology.

After reading you wonderful book Dream Worlds I wrote an small review in my blog (in spanish) and, in order to illustrate it, included one of your background reconstructions I found somewhere else in the web. Of course, my “finding somewhere else” does not invalidate your point and the image has been promptly removed…

..I don’t know if should provide some kind of english translation in order to let you know my impressions.

David Flórez

from hans –
I did not mind your review, it was very nice.
no need to remove it. and thank you for your

17 02 2009
ryan davies

Mr Bacher, i am impressed with the level of involvement you keep on this blog – i think it makes all the difference. I just want to let you know how inspiring this website (and especially your book) are!

Keep up the great work!

19 02 2009
Kellie Strøm

I wrote a post about your blog , including three sample images, here.

I hope that’s okay. This blog is a wonder.

from hans –
as I said before, it is ok to refer to someone’s blog and posts showing some of the posted images. you even do that in a link.

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