21 02 2009

production design sketch for CARNIVAL, an animated feature film project planned in 1992 during my stay with AMBLIMATION in london. it never happened.

© AMBLIN/universal




7 responses

21 02 2009

Wow… that’s beautiful. Too bad it never saw the light of day.

21 02 2009
Christoph Heuer

Wow! Looks much more beautiful than the “Helau Hell” that we got over here today 😉

21 02 2009

I really love the atmosphere in your work. Is this one done with markers?

It’s too bad that markers are hardly being used now that everybody is working digital. It is a good thing for the artists, though. No more toxic fumes…

from hans –
yes – all markers and a bit of gouache. once in a while I miss the smell.
and the dirty hands. it created some nice work ‘atmosphere’…

22 02 2009
Matt Jones

Looks like you referenced a French or Italian hill town for that-was that the case?

from hans –
it was supposed to take place in the provence so I used some reference from that area.

22 02 2009

Looks like a wonderful place to be!

22 02 2009

it’s such a sweet cosy carnival. love the subtle colours

24 02 2009

this is so great.

markers and gouache – my two favorite mediums.

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