feb. inspiration

23 02 2009

DIDIER CONRAD, born 1959 in marseille, france, was able to get his first comic strip page published at the age of 14 in the belgian comic magazine SPIROU. the first episode of several stories to follow was in 1983 – AVENTURES JAUNES, the start of the series – LES INNOMMABLES. the adventures of two unequal friends, big mac and small tim, in the underworld of hong kong, when H.K. was still an english colony. one of my all time favorite series, incredible style, rough nib- and brush-lines, the environment as interesting as the characters. conrad has so far another series on the shelves – DONITO, the adventures of a little boy somewhere in the caribbean underwater world. here are some pages from the ‘innommables’ series…






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24 02 2009

god.. I grew up reading “Les inommables”
LOVED LOVED everything about it. The way Didier drew his girls, the colors, the roughness of it all, but still so incredibly subtle and swift.

24 02 2009
Sergi Cardó

Absoutely brilliant. It does likes me even more than another giant, Daan Jippes.
Take a dear regard from a fan, Hans.


from hans –
the stuff on your blog looks very nice, sergi. I worked with DAAN for many years,
and – you are right, he is a giant. and a funny one. I love his work and have a lot of it in my archives. soon there will be some of it here on my blog…

25 02 2009

Thanks yet again for the heads up. Must learn some french this year. I’m really missing out

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