more soon

24 02 2009

this is just a little sketch done during the MULAN production to warm up and feel a bit more ‘chinese’. you will see a lot more soon, because I found accidentally some artwork from that time, I had forgotten about…





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24 02 2009

Magnificent drawings!!
And thank you so much for sharing in “dreamworlds”, I bought it two month ago and I look at it almost every day ^^

25 02 2009
Brian Sibley

Beautiful! But I can’t help mourning the fact that finished animation never seems to look quite like the inspirational art!

from hans –
you are right, especially when you look at the alex nino art. but after the director has approved a style, all created art has to be filtered by that style-filter. there were about 100 artists contributing character- and environmental-art during the MULAN visual development. imagine a mixture of 100 different looks in the final film. that’s why I like shorts ( traditional animation ) done by just one artist where you see his/her personal drawings.

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