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25 02 2009

DON HAHN just announced, that the two WALT STANCHFIELD books – DRAWN TO LIFE: 20 GOLDEN YEARS OF DISNEY MASTER CLASSES – will be available in bookstores on March 27, 2009.
DON HAHN writes…
I am so pleased to announce that for the first time ever, we have assembled all of Walt Stanchfield’s amazing handout notes and lectures into a two volume collection titled, DRAWN TO LIFE – 20 GOLDEN YEARS OF DISNEY MASTER CLASSES. Walt was an animator, trainer, mentor and coach for decades at Disney and helped breathe life into the new golden age of animation with his teachings. He influenced such talented artists as Tim Burton, Brad Bird, John Musker, Glen Keane, Andreas Deja and John Lasseter.

To me, DRAWN TO LIFE is one the strongest primers on animation ever written. The material spares no detail on the craft of animation, but also digs deep into the artistic roots of animation. It is a publication that has been anticipated for many years by every artist and student that Walt ever came in contact with. It has been a labor of love for me and I am so proud that Walt’s teachings will live on in these two volumes.

You can also view a trailer at www.donhahn.com and very soon, this trailer will be available on focalpress.com and amazon.com. Both volumes will be available in bookstores on March 27.

Animator Walt Stanchfield (1919-2000) distinguished himself with a long career at Hollywood’s top animation studios, but his greatest legacy to the film industry is the torch of knowledge that he passed on to a new generation of filmmakers. His profound yet accessible writings helped breathe life into the new golden age of animation in the 1970s, 80s and 90s at the Disney Animation Studios by influencing such talented artists as Brad Bird, Tim Burton, Glen Keane and John Lasseter.

Published for the first time ever, Drawn to Life is an 800 page, two-volume collection of Stanchfield’s insightful musings, which encompass direct instruction in animation along with a good dose of general life observations. Edited by Academy Award® nominated producer Don Hahn, Walt’s notes represent the quintessential refresher for fine artists and film professionals, and it is a vital tutorial for students who are now poised to be part of another new generation in the art form.





6 responses

25 02 2009
George Cwirko-godycki

thus us very exciting news, i really enjoyed those photos you posted a little while ago, do you have any more of them?

from hans –
a few more, but don has included them in the books…

25 02 2009
Nancy Beiman

Do you know if the lectures are about Walt’s drawing classes, or about animation (or both?)
Stanchfield was an outstanding teacher.

from hans –
of course animation is included. I have about 90% of his lectures
from the old days, and have to tell you – PURE GOLD…

26 02 2009
Don Hahn

The book includes everything from Walt’s early animation handouts during Black Cauldron all the way into the 1990’s and his gesture drawing classes. i agree with Hans. Pure gold.

2 03 2009
David Nethery

Don Hahn,

Good to see you here. It gives me the opportunity to say THANK YOU for pulling together all the Walt material into two bound volumes. This will be a terrific resource for everyone in animation. I still have all of my Walt handouts in binders, but I’ll be buying the books , too.

I’m teaching animation now and you can be sure I’m already promoting these books to my students as Must Haves.

14 03 2009
Eric Stanchfield

I just want to say how excited I was to hear this news. Dee brought over my dad(Lee Stanchfield) and I a little info about the books. I believe this will bring inspiration to many. Thank you so much to Don Hahn for putting this together.
– Eric Stanchfield

3 05 2009
Randy Ranson

I just finished reading both of these ‘Drawn to Life’ books, and I feel like I’ve been knighted as a Walt Disney artist. These drawing lessons have taught me to be ever more conscious of what must be given consideration before making a visual representation on paper. I began to realize the tension, energy and force inside the space between my limbs when I moved, and the amazing sensational ‘stage’ setting quality that it has, which only makes you wish to draw gestures that articulate the story of what the image is about all the more. Imagine the sensation of knowing the space around you, has a life that’s all its own, and it’s yours to tap and use, to do with it whatever you will. Maybe Merlin knew something we didn’t, but Walt Stanchfield did, and thanks to Don Hahn, Walt and Merlin’s mystical secret is now out. Buy the books, study them carefully and enjoy these life affirming warm and wonderful words. Thanks.

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The Hidden History of Oz

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WordPress.com is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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