26 02 2009

I will be in singapore for lectures until march 10. there might be no time for posts during that time, – will see. I will be at NANYANG university and at LUCAS-film. so maybe I will be able to meet some of you…





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26 02 2009

Know Tad, by chance?

from hans –
not yet…

26 02 2009

Any information on whether the lectures are open to the public in Singapore?

from hans –
the big lecture on wednesday is open to the public.
it is at nanyang university. are you from singapore?

28 02 2009

love your work.

1 03 2009
Asst/Prof. Hannes Rall

Hi all Singaporean Hans Bacher fans,

this is Asst/Prof. Hannes Rall from Nanyang University, School of Art, Design and Media:
Hans lecture will be on Thursday, March 5, 7 pm at School of Art, Design and Media, NTU-everybody is cordially invited!

Way to ADM @ NTU:
Take Jalan Bahar entrance to NTu
Go straight until you see a big building with grass on the roof to
your right-our school
Make it to the auditorium on second floor

1 03 2009

Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

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4 03 2009

I’ll be attending the talk. Hope to get an autograph on my copy of Dream Worlds after the lecture. Ho ho ho.

5 03 2009

hey hans,
as allways, perfect composition…cool and warm at the same time.huh.

6 03 2009

Your talk was very inspiring. Thanx. Can’t wait for ur next book!.

9 03 2009
Ben Jelter

Lots of great stuff, I’ll keep checking back.

from hans –
you have a very interesting website and blog.
I like especially the TUMOR book…

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